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    Recover Deleted Data from iPhones
    Recover Deleted Data from
    iPhones, iPads, & iPod Touch
    Recovers data from the device or iTunes backups
    Recover ALL types of data: Text messages, contacts, photos, apps, & more
    Recovers data from accidental deletion, device damage, hidden photo apps, & iOS updates
    Works on Windows Vista, 7, 8, & 10
    Works on all iOS devices & all iOS versions up to iOS 11

What Can inG8 for iOS Recover?

Text Messages

Recover Text Messages from iPhones


Recover iMessages from iPhones

WhatsApp History

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iPhones

Hidden App Photos

Photo Vault File Recovery

Safari History

Recover Safari History & Bookmarks from iPhones


Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhones


Recover Deleted Notes from iPhones

Call History

Recover Deleted Call History from iPhones

Calendar Entries

Recover Deleted Calendar from iPhones


Recover Deleted Photos from iPhones


Recover Deleted KIK Messages from iPhones


Recover Deleted Whisper Messages from iPhones


Recover Deleted Gmail from iPhones


Recover Deleted Evernote Messages from iPhones

For a detailed explanation of data recovery support for inG8 for iOS, click here.

inG8 Gets Even More Data


Recover Facebook Messages from iPhones

Safari Data

Recover Safari History from iPhones

Google Maps

Recover Google Maps from iPhones


Recover Skype Messages from iPhones


Recover LinkedIn Messages from iPhones


Recover Twitter Messages from iPhones


Recover Text+ Messages from iPhones


Recover TextFree Messages from iPhones


Recover VKontakte Messages from iPhones

Dynamic Text

Recover Dynamic Text Data from iPhones

Mail Accounts

Recover Email Accounts from iPhones


Recover Properties from iPhones

Youtube Bookmarks

Recover Youtube Bookmarks from iPhones

Apple Maps Data

View Apple Maps History, Bookmarks, and Directions from iPhones


Get Voicemail from iPhones


Get Videos from iPhones

iOS devices contain so much information, it's impossible to find it all by looking at the phone. inG8 for iOS grabs all the phone data and displays it in an easy to read layout and even allows you to search by keyword. Often, people looking to recover data find what they are looking for in data that hasn't been deleted.


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  • Works on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Works on all iPhones, iPads, & iPod Touch devices
  • Works on all versions of iOS up to iOS version 11
  • Works on iTunes backup files

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